2014 Gold Nugget Winners Book - page 34

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Judges Statement:
This affordable senior housing development on a city-owned property in Pasadena, California. The project’s concept involves creating affordable,
safe, high quality and welcoming senior housing that contextually blends into the existing neighborhood and addresses the needs of seniors and the community in the
following ways:
The design creates a pedestrian and community friendly development that pays homage to the transitional context of the neighborhood through its use of the
Contemporary Pluralist style.
The site and building concept involves creation of attractive landscaped outdoor spaces of different scales for both casual and organized social gathering
The design incorporates two separate multipurpose rooms that can be used for community gathering, civic meetings, arts and sustainable education
The site concept provides opportunity to integrate the residential and future retail into one cohesive development.
Through a series of intensive community meetings, the design team worked closely with stakeholders to collect their input, in order to ensure that the development fit
in well with the surrounding neighborhood. As a result of these meetings, courtyard housing, the Contemporary Pluralist architecture style, and the incorporation of local
art all became integral parts of the final site and building concept.
Grand Award
Heritage Square
Pasadena, CA
BRIDGE Housing
Steinberg Architects
Land Planner:
EPT Design
Award of Merit
Palo Alto Commons
Palo Alto, CA
Vance Brown Builders, Inc.
R&M Properties
Steinberg Architects
Land Planner:
The Guzzardo Partnership, Inc.
Best SeniorHousingCommunity—On the Boards