2014 Gold Nugget Winners Book - page 53

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Grand Award
Sanguine Lily: 1916 Centenary Chapel
at Glasnevin Cemetery
Dublin, Ireland
Form4 Architecture
Best International On the Boards Project
Judges Statement:
The Sanguine Lily project restores the 1916 Centenary Chapel at Glasnevin Cemetery, next to the National Botanic Garden in Dublin, Ireland. The
5000 square-foot design seeks to build upon Ireland’s rich repertoire of symbols by calling to mind the petal of an Easter lily.
The chapel site is next to Ireland’s National Botanic Garden and draw inspiration in the form of a flower. Architect John Marx of Form 4 Architecture provides a
place for Dubliners to pay homage to lost loved ones. The design employs the powerful form of a flower to remind mourners of an indissoluble unity amongst the living.
Surrounded by three reflecting pools, and from the distance, it resembles a petal floating on a puddle of water. Natural light streams through glass curtain walls, allowing
the chapel to act as a sort of sundial, capturing seasonal variations in daylight. A continuous slot skylight bisects the roof, and some 232 glass sphere lights that are
suspended from the ceiling will form a luminous crown visible in the night sky.
Award of Merit
Hanking Financial Center
Shenzhen, China.
China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd
Morphosis Architects
Changbaishan Deer Valley Villas
Changbaishan, Jilin, China
Changbaishan Deer Valley
CCY Architects
Eco City Building 1
Wuhan, China
Wuhan Software City Development Co. Ltd.
MVE & Partners, Inc.
Tianjin Mingzhong Mixed-Use
Tianjin, China
Steinberg Architects