2014 Gold Nugget Winners Book - page 55

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Judges Special Award of Excellence: Urban/
Neighborhood Revitalization
Affordable Home Prototypes
Los Angeles, CA
Dreyfuss Construction
Restore Neighborhoods Los Angeles (RNLA)
Lehrer Architects
Judges Statement:
The judges praised these bright, open houses, which would be special anywhere—but are exemplary considering their context. Embattled for
decades, South Los Angeles could be the ultimate example of a rough neighborhood in dire need of care and respect. But many neighborhoods like this one--old and run-
down yet still intact--offer what many others don’t: Infrastructure and opportunity.
Built on extremely tight budgets, these new prototypes provide residents of South LA a chance at affordable homeownership in an expensive market. The houses
cost between $280,000 and $300,000, and some funding was provided to qualified homeowners with a household income less than 120% of the area median income
forLos Angeles County. Purchase assistance has averaged about $40,000 per home..
Contemporary and light-filled, the homes offer amenities and a sense of spaciousness rarely found in infill projects anywhere, let alone in the tough inner city. While
honoring the neighborhood and its residents, the designs allow for integrated and safe spaces while maintaining openness and connection to the outdoors.“Respecting
the neighborhood and fitting in while bringing in new, fresh design and energy was the real challenge,” said the design team. This was accomplished with street-oriented
open space, inviting circulation, and fresh colors. The judges applauded the crisp, inviting design, and the teams stated intention: Taking an “aggressively optimistic
attitude” to each house and its neighborhood.”
Photographer: Michael B. Lehrer, FAIA Neighborhood Revitalization
Judges Special Awards
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